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 Game Downloads

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PostSubject: Game Downloads   Wed Mar 24, 2010 3:23 am

[Step 1] Download/Install/Update Aion Client
Click this link to download NCSoft Launcher: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/launcher/ncsoft-launcher.html
Use this Launcher to download, install and update Aion (only the North
American Client is fully supported).
Be sure to update to the latest Aion patch after downloading and installing the
Aion client.

[Step 2] Download Sapphire Aion Launcher
Click this link to download Sapphire Aion Launcher: mediafire.com my9oydeui4og/mzgj1iwnmyj/SapphiaionLauncher.rar
Your will need to put the bin32 and the other files in NCSOFT/aion (or AionNA
or AionEU) Be sure your client region is set to North America.

[Step 3] Play Aion! Client Supported NA/EU Only!
Once you download Sapphire Aion Launcher and overwrite the files in your aion
folder you will be running!

If you having problem connecting the client saying that you are unathu country down load no_ip_restrict at this site http://fyyre.ivory-tower.de/aion/ and Then unzip the file and put it on your bin32 file in aion folder
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Game Downloads
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