85 XP/15x Drops/50x Kinah
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 Updaate 3/25/2010

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PostSubject: Updaate 3/25/2010   Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:17 am

Increased HP of a bunch of monsters which had too low hp.
dye remover
Rift (master) announcement
Nephis Quests: Heiron 13x
Added Theobomos drops
Quest fixs..
Quest _1466RespectForDeltras, Added zone, npc fix to non-atackable and thats it --->Nephis<---
fixed skill cooldown — ATracer / detail
[Zone service] Improved zone checking algorithm - now based on zone priority and zone top/bottom attributes. Added several breath zones in altgard. There should be no more drowning effect in Altgard dungeon
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Updaate 3/25/2010
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