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 Zephirant's GM Apply ^^

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PostSubject: Zephirant's GM Apply ^^   Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:32 am

hy hy ^^ here's my apply!

-Retail Experienced > i hit lv50 in retail Nezekan server ^^ awesome ehh???
-25 posts > maybe you can disapprove my apply because of this one! ^^
-I have played here in 2 weeks is that enough??
-I have 1 maybe you have seen me in game!

I am 18 years old.
My MSN >> xieg.soul@yahoo.com
I can speak 3 language:
- Indonesian (my home country)
- English
- Korean ( i learn when playing retail ^^).
Yes I have a ventrilo.
I haven't been a GM in another server, but i am a SubGM in Perfect World indonesian server! is that ok, besides i have my own local host private server AION ^^ and RF online can't afford to make it online^^, so you can say i have some experience in AION managing stuff! ^^.
I wont say i am that "good" but i am frendly you know! ^^
How often? any time you need! i'll be there! and onething, i can online 6hours/day without AFK and i can provide support 24/7!
I don't know what can i dedicate to the server but i can help anytime!
My Skills
I can read and write c++ i think this one is common^^, i know HTML and CSS!! and onething, i can detect hackers!
I'm working with AION unique is about 3 month since i first play an AION private server, but before then i worked in AION support until now still!

ok then that's mine! ahahaha i'm not too insist for it too ^^ just tell me when i get accepted! ok?^^
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PostSubject: Re: Zephirant's GM Apply ^^   Mon Oct 10, 2011 7:51 pm

The runescape gold

fallen earth chips
aion kinah game is very good ..So I think you would

like ...
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Zephirant's GM Apply ^^
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